Paweł Doligalski




Curriculum Vitae

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Optimal Redistribution with a Shadow Economy
with Luis E. Rojas, forthcoming at Theoretical Economics, May 2022
[paper] [abstract] [additional results] [2016 working paper]

The Quantitative Importance of Technology and Demand Shocks for Unemployment Fluctuations in a Shopping Economy
with P. Borys and P. Kopiec, Economic Modelling , August 2021
[paper] [abstract]

Working papers:

Redistribution with Performance Pay
with A. Ndiaye and N. Werquin, resubmitted to Journal of Political Economy
[paper] [appendix] [abstract] April 2022

Optimal Income Taxation and Commitment on the Labor Market
Rej&R in Journal of Economic Theory
[paper] [abstract] [online appendix] January 2019

Gdzie jest szczyt krzywej Laffera dla najwyższych dochodów w Polsce?
English: Where is the top of the Laffer curve for top incomes in Poland?
Raport naukowy, Dobrobyt na Pokolenia
[paper] October 2019

Old working papers:

Optimal Taxation with Permanent Employment Contracts
[paper] [abstract]

Minimal Compensation and Incentives for Effort

[paper] [abstract]